Release Notes

We’re continually improving Access Worldpay with new features and upgrades. Here’s a summary of our latest releases.

Latest releases

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You now receive a verificationFailed result in yourone time authorization responseif the issuer identifies a conflict.

You now have the option to supply a narrative in yourverified token request, allowing your customers to clearly see where the verified token request is coming from and helping to avoid confusion.

You can now customize your checkout further by configuring your card brands. This new and optional feature allows you to restrict the cards that you accept on your checkout form for ourandroidandiOSSDK.

Sending the cardholder name is now optional for ourPayments,VerificationsandPayouts service. Whilst we still recommend that you send this information, you now have the option to omit it.

Control the cards you want to accept on your checkout form with ourcard brand configuration featurefor our Checkout Web SDK.

We’ve made the statement narrative element for ourverification serviceoptional. This will now default to ‘Active Card Check’ if you don’t supply a narrative.

Send funds to your customers' Apple Pay accounts using ourApple Pay decrypted payment instrument for Payouts.

We have released a new version of the iOS SDK - 2.1.0. This version allows for UITextFields in thevalidation feature.

Use the decrypted model forApple Pay Merchant Initiated Transactionsto submit a payment request using Network Token details – useful if you’re using tokens across multiple providers.

Use thedecrypted modelfor Apple Pay to verify accounts and submit a payment request using Network Token details – useful if you’re using tokens across multiple providers.

We’ve created a newAPM (Alternative Payment Methods) sectionin our docs under the ‘pay’ product category which contains individual guides for each APM as we release them. With that comes our first APM guide forACH, also known as eCheck payments – a popular credit transfer and Direct Debit payment method for our US customers.

Use the decrypted model forApple Pay Customer Initiated Transactionsto submit a payment request using Network Token details – useful if you’re using tokens across multiple providers

Set youraccessibility configurationto set the language of an element for screen readers and help ensure your checkout meets an AA rating againstWCAG standards.

Use clear form on ourCheckout Web SDKto input multiple sets of card details without reloading the SDK.

The lifespan of the CVC session for ourCheckout SDKhas increased to 15 minutes, giving you longer to take a payment.

You now submit your customer's billing address details in yourrequests for Mobile Wallet payments.

You now get AVS results returned in ourresponses for Mobile Wallet payments. This helps your business understand risk factors where your customer’s AVS is unchecked, unmatched, or unsupplied.

We’ve included instructions on how to query card network tokens in ourTokens documentation– Use this to show the tokenized card details to your customer on a payment page, or if you need a next available action link to update your customer's details.

We’ve released Version 3 of ourVerified Tokens service, helping you analyse transactions with card data returned in our Verified Token responses.

You can nowcreate a CVC sessionfor iOS and Android when submitting a payment alongside a new or card on file Verified Token. This provides extra security and is required for MCC 7995, 7800, 7801, 7802 and 9406, if you are not authenticating your customer.

You must now submit narrative in yourintelligentanddynamicverification requests.

In version 5 of our Verifications service you can now also submit yourintelligentanddynamicverification requests to our new recurring endpoints.

Our newTokens version 2API gives you improved analytics – returning the BIN and card brand extra data alongside the token content.

You can now submit the scheme reference in yourrepeat payment requests. This allows you to take a repeat payment with our APIs, linking to an agreement established with a different PSP.

We have instroduced a new error for invalid card numbers and have changed the formatting of all our error messages within the3DS service.

Our authentication responses now also include a payload, ready in support for a native mobile integration.

And, useful for tracing, we are now sending the transactionId in our signatureFailed outcome response.

We'll now send you acancel linkfor a partially settled payment to let you release funds.

Version 3 introduces updates to the merchant response. The curies array block now only lives inside the _links JSON block.

The curies array block has been updated to live inside the _links JSON block as well as outside.

You can now accept + as a character in the transactionReference field. Clickhereto see more information on our formatting rules.