Last Updated: 19 March 2024 | Change Log

Coming Soon - The Payments API is for preview only and subject to change.

Guest Checkout card Payment

Provide the card details in an API request or use our Checkout SDK for low PCI hosted card fields.

  1. API only
  2. Checkout SDK

Collect the card details and send an API request with these details to the payments resource.


  1. Plain card
  2. Recommended Key-values

A one-off card payment using a plain card number

{ "transactionReference": "Memory265-13/08/1876", "merchant": { "entity": "default" }, "instruction": { "method": "card", "paymentInstrument": { "type": "plain", "cardNumber": "4000000000001091", "expiryDate": { "month": 5, "year": 2035 } }, "narrative": { "line1": "trading name" }, "value": { "currency": "GBP", "amount": 42 } } }

Enable additional features

API responses differ based on the features you have enabled:

  • If 3DS is enabled you will receive a response to perform device data collection and additionally, if prompted by the card issuer, a challenge response.

  • If FraudSight is enabled, you can recieve a fraudHighRisk response, stopping the transaction.

  • If is set to true, the outcome will be sentForSettlement. If set to false it will be authorized with an addtional settlement action required.

Fraud assessmentPrevent fraudulent transactions.
3DS authenticationShift Liability to the issuer / for EEA countries this is required as part of SCA compliance.
SCA ExemptionsMeet SCA compliance without the added friction of 3DS.
Coming Soon
Auto SettlementRequest that payment authorizations are automatically sent for settlement (sometimes referred to as "capture").
Set to true in the payments request.


The payment response will contain additional details:

  • riskFactors (avs/cvc) - if providing billing address & cvc, check these details against the customer's issuing bank
  • refusal code and description which gives additional context on the refusal
  • refusal advice code (only if returned by the card scheme and acquirer)
  • 3DS authentication details - details on 3DS authentication outcome (e.g. challenged)
  • fraud assessment details - details on the fraud assessment outcome (e.g. lowRisk, review)
  • token creation - details of the card tokenized and the token href itself