MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) Payments

This feature enables call center staff to place mail-order and telephone orders on behalf of shoppers. It only supports direct credit card integration, with no 3D secure authentication.

MOTO configuration screen


MOTO payments support hosted payment pages, which have a high level of PCI DSS compliance. However, the current version does not support client-side encryption or 3DS for direct integration, which has a low level of PCI DSS compliance.

EnabledIf set to Yes, MOTO payments are available for order processing in the Magento admin area.
Payment MethodsSelect the credit cards that are available to admin users in a dropdown.
TitleWrite the title that admin users see in the admin panel.

In the Magento admin area, in-store staff can generate MOTO payments as follows.

  1. Select the billing country in the billing address, then click Get available payment methods.

    Get available payment methods

    Payment methods

  2. Select Moto from the available payment methods. After you select Moto, the credit card payment processing form opens and the staff member can place the order.

    Payment processing fields