Configure Instant Purchase

Use this feature to enable Instant Purchase on product-detail pages. This feature is for credit and debit cards only on the Worldwide Payment Gateway.

How to set up Instant Purchase

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Instant Purchase and enable the default Magento option for Instant Purchase:

    Enable Instant Purchase

  2. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay/Quick checkout and enable Instant Page Checkout:

    Enable Instant Page Checkout

The shopper’s experience

  1. If the shopper has saved their credit card in the My Account section based on previously placed orders, go to Store front/login/Product Details Page.

  2. Once on the page, click Instant Purchase.

    Checkout page with an Instant Purchase button

  3. An Instant Purchase window opens with the shipping and billing addresses set as default. The page also shows the type of payment method. See the confirmation screen below.

    Instant Purchase confirmation pop-up

  4. The order is placed directly from the product-detail page.

    Enable Instant Purchase

Instant page checkout supports Strong Customer Authentication. To enable 3DS2 with Instant Page Checkout, see Intelligent Account Verification (IAV).