Extended response codes

If Worldpay has enabled them for you, these are the extended response codes you can get if Worldpay is your acquirer. There is also a feature at plugin level to override/customize the messages you receive from Worldpay.

How to customize Worldpay response messages

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay Exception Codes. The Extended Response Codes screen appears:

Extended Response Codes

  1. In the Extended Response Codes, you can review and customize the messages triggered by various response codes:
Error CodeThe unique ISO code within the response sent by Worldpay.
Worldpay ResponseThe messages sent by Worldpay with each ISO code.
Custom ResponseThis enables you to override the messages Worldpay sends.
ActionIf a new message is needed during any future development, a Delete icon appears so you can delete any old or incorrect messages.

The shopper journey

The shopper goes to Store front/login/Add to Cart/Proceed to Checkout.

In the screenshot below, the magic code REFUSED5 returns this gateway response message from Worldpay:

Shopper journey

In the screenshot below, the magic code REFUSED13 returns this custom gateway response message from Worldpay. You can see in this case the message is less formal:

Shopper journey

See the online Test Values and Useful Tables guides for more details, and to access more codes.