Exemption engine

The Exemption Engine enables frictionless checkout during 3DS2.

The engine uses transactional data to predict issuer behavior. To make predictions, it requests real-time risk analysis of transactions. It then uses this analysis to exempt as many transactions as possible from SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Configure the Exemption Engine

To configure the Exemption Engine, do the following:

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay/Exemption Engine:

Enable Exemption EngineIf set to Yes, the system exempts transactions from SCA, based on real-time risk analysis.
Exemption PlacementAUTHORISATION: Applies exemption in the authorization flow.
AUTHENTICATION: Applies exemption in the authentication flow.
OPTIMISED: Applies the exemption placement that has the highest probability of issuer acceptance as calculated by the Exemption Engine.
Exemption TypesLV: Low-value exemption (less than 30 EUR)
LR: Low-risk exemption.
OP: Optimised exemption (highest probability of issuer acceptance as calculated by the Exemption Engine).


  • In some cases the issuing bank will not accept the exemption. If this occurs the shopper must go through authentication

  • If an exemption is allowed, the liability for the transaction rests with you and not the issuing bank

  • We recommend that you set the Placement and Types to Optimised