Dynamic currency exponents

Use this feature to configure the expected exponent value for different currencies. This value applies when sending requests to Worldpay.


The exponent value determines how many decimal places there are when processing a currency. For example GBP has an exponent value of 2.

How to setup dynamic exponent

Do the following:

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay/Miscellaneous. The Miscellaneous screen appears:


  2. Use the information in the table to complete the fields.

Global Currency ExponentYou can define a global value that applies to all currencies.
Use system valueThe default exponent defined at the Worldpay end is 2. Select this option, to define the global value as 2.
Override Global Currency ExponentEnable this option to override the global exponent value for any particular currency.
Currency Code ExponentsUse this feature to configure exponents to various currencies. This configuration is applied only when Override Global Currency Exponent is enabled. Currency which is not added to this list will take global exponent value 2.

How to setup currency code exponents

To set up currency code exponents, do the following:

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay/Miscellaneous/ Currency Code Exponents. The Currency Code Exponents screen appears.

Currency code exponents

  1. Use the information in the table to complete the fields.
Currency CodeA unique ISO currency code, used by the Worldpay Payment Gateway.
CurrencyA unique ISO currency name, used by the worldwide payment gateway.
ExponentThis enables you to configure the exponent value for each currency.
ActionIf you need to add a new currency code exponent during future development, a delete icon appears so you can delete the incorrect new value.

For more details, read the online guide to currency exponents.