Configurable alert messages

With this feature you can customize various alert messages that appear during checkout and in the My Account and Admin sections.

Configurable alerts setup

To set up the alerts, do the following:

  1. Go to Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay Exception Codes and choose the types of alerts you want to customize:

Configurable alerts

The alerts are:

  • Customize Account Level Messages: Customize the messages shoppers see in their My Account section

  • Customize Admin Worldpay Configuration Messages: Customize admin-level messages

  • Customize Checkout Messages: Customize the messages shoppers see during checkout These three sections have identical configuration panels. See the screenshots below:

Configurable alerts Configurable alerts Configurable alerts

Message CodeA unique code used within the script to assign the alert message. This is a mandatory field.
Actual MessageThe default message that the plugin displays. This is a mandatory field.
Customer MessageEnter the text that will replace the default message. This is an optional field but it does not accept entries made of white spaces (space or tab).
ActionIf you need to add a different message in future, a delete icon appears so that you can delete the current, incorrect message.

Shopper Journey

The shopper goes to Store front/login/Add to Cart/Proceed to Checkout.

In the screenshot below, the magic code REFUSED5 returns this gateway response message from Worldpay:

Actual message

In the screenshot below, the magic code REFUSED13 returns this custom gateway response message from Worldpay. You can see in this case the message is less formal:

Custom message


This feature only applies to the Worldpay plugin. Magento messages are not affected.