Chargeback update

API v1
Last updated January 2023

POST your request to the fraudsight:chargeback action link.

Chargeback update example request


Chargeback update request body:

  "transactionReference": "Memory265-13/08/1876",
  "merchant": {
      "entity": "MindPalaceLtd"
  "riskProfile": "",
  "sourceDate": "2020-12-27T00:00:00Z",
  "acquirerReference": "02691780344910023278387",
  "chargebackReasonCode": "31",
  "chargebackCaseReference": "123456",
  "chargebackValue": {
    "currency": "GBP",
    "amount": 250
transactionReferenceA reference for the assessment. For example, e-commerce order code.
merchant.entityUsed to route the assessment request in Access Worldpay, created as part of on-boarding.
riskProfileRepresents the outcome of the original fraud assessment. Used to link subsequent fraud related requests.
sourceDateDate/time of source fraud file (TC40/SAFE).
acquirerReferenceAcquirer Reference Number (ARN) - unique value assigned to a credit or debit card transaction.
chargebackReasonCodeVisa and Mastercard reason codes.
chargebackCaseReferenceCase reference for a specific chargeback.
chargebackValue.currencyThe three digit currency code.
See list ofsupported currencies.
chargebackValue.amountThe chargeback amount. This is a whole number with an exponent e.g. if exponent is two, 250 is 2.50. You can find the relevant exponent in ourcurrency table.

Chargeback update responses

Best Practice: Access Worldpay returns a WP-CorrelationId in the headers of service responses. We highly recommend you log this. The WP-CorrelationId is used by us to examine individual service requests.

The response status is 200 OK.