Canada Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

APMs v1
Last updated May 2021

A direct debit for Canada based merchants.

EFT allows your customers to pay by transferring funds directly from their bank account.

You only need to collect:

  • customer name
  • address
  • bank account number
  • account type
  • ABA routing number
  • amount you want to charge

Why use EFT?

EFT processing is more cost effective than credit card payments and is ideal for regular subscription payments, instalments or one-time payments where the goods or services are not required immediately by the customer. The scheduling for repeat payments is managed entirely by you and each payment is treated independently.


Processing of EFT transactions happens overnight (or the next available working day at weekends and holidays). The handling bank issues regular reports outlining the successful and failed payments. Once the payment is successful, you can release the goods and services to the customer.

Feature Summary

Payment typeCountriesCurrenciesRecurringRefundsPartial refundsReversalsPartial reversalsChargebacks
Direct DebitCACAD

Note: Chargebacks and refunds can occur, and are managed directly at acquirer level.

Visualize our EFT API and see the flow of a transfer:

Discover our Pay Direct API by clicking on the scenarios. We show you the flow of requests, and actions related to the selected request.

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