Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

What are Alternative Payments Methods (APMs)?

APMs are non-traditional payment options that are not cash or credit/ debit cards issued by a major bank. These options include eWallets, bank transfers, direct debits, local card schemes, Post-Pay and eInvoice/ Buy Now Pay Later.

In many regions APMs make up a large part of the ecom payment landscape. To fully support these regions and your customer's payment habits, providing APMs can be key.

Read more about APMs and how we are approaching a simplified integration in ourdedicated article.

What are the benefits of APMs?

  • Increase in global coverage
  • Choice and convenience for your customer
  • Reach of customers and markets you couldn’t with just cards
  • Flexibility of payments options
  • A more versatile checkout experience
  • Potential reduction in payment friction
  • Increased customer retention

Supported APMs:

Payment typePayment methodCustomer country
Pay Direct
  • USA
  • Canada
Action to Pay
  • Netherlands
  • Gobal

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