Raw response codes

Access Worldpay returns a rawCode (if enabled) containing the unmodified response code received either directly from the card scheme for Worldpay-acquired transactions, or from third party acquirers. You can use raw response codes to inform your retry logic.

The tables below list the response codes returned by the main card schemes.


These codes may be updated from time to time: please check documentation from the relevant card scheme for the latest information.

Third party acquirers may not return the code returned by the card scheme. For instance, merchants processing in Latin America may see rawCode values of up to 5 characters that are not found in the tables below. For this reason, the rawCode is a string of up to 20 characters.

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Visa Categories

Visa categorizes their response codes as below:

Visa CategoryDescriptionMerchant action
1Issuer never approvesReattempt not permitted
2Issuer cannot approve at this timeReattempt up to 15 times over 30 days
3Data quality / revalidate payment informationRevalidate payment information prior to reattempt.
Reattempt up to 15 times over 30 days
4Generic response codesReattempt up to 15 times over 30 days

The Visa Category informs you which action you should take.

Visa response codes

Response codeResponse descriptionCard schemeVisa Category
00Approval and completed successfully Accepted and processedVisaApproval
01Refer to card issuerVisa4
02Refer to card issuerVisa4
03Invalid merchantVisa2
04Pick up card (no fraud)Visa1
05Do not honorVisa4
07Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)Visa1
10Partial approvalVisaApproval
11Approved (VIP)VisaApproval
12Invalid TransactionVisa1
13Invalid amount OR currency conversion field overflowVisa4
14Invalid account number (no such number)Visa1,3
15No such issuerVisa1
19Re-enter transactionVisa2
21No action takenVisan/a
25Unable to locate record in fileVisan/a
28File is temporarily unavailable for update or inquiryVisan/a
39No credit accountVisa4
41Lost card, pick up card (fraud account)Visa1
43Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)Visa1
46Closed accountVisa1
51Not sufficient fundsVisa2
52No checking accountVisa4
53No savings accountVisa4
54Expired card or expiration date missingVisa3
55PIN incorrect or missingVisa3
57Transaction not permitted to cardholderVisa1
58Transaction not allowed at terminalVisa4
59Suspected fraudVisa2
61Exceeds approval amount limitVisa2
62Restricted card (card invalid in region or country)Visa2
63Security violation (source not correct issuer)Visan/a
64Transaction does not fulfill AML requirementVisa4
65Exceeds withdrawal frequency limitVisa2
70PIN data requiredVisa3
74Different value than that used for PIN encryption errorsVisa4
75Allowable number of PIN-entry tries exceededVisa2
76Unsolicited reversal-reversal with no original transaction in history. V.I.P. unable to match reversal request to an original messageVisan/a
78Blocked, first used or special condition—new cardholder not activated or card is temporarily blockedVisa2
79Reversed (by switch)Visa4
80No financial impact (used in reversal responses to declined originals)Visa4
81Cryptographic error found in PIN (used for cryptographic error condition found by security module during PIN decryption)Visa4
82Negative online CAM, dCVV, iCVV, CVV, CAVV, dCVV2, TAVV, or DTVV resultsVisa3
85No reason to decline a request for address verification, CVV2 verification, or credit voucher or merchandise returnVisa4
86Cannot verify PIN; for instance, no PVVVisa2
91Issuer unavailable or switch inoperative (STIP not applicable or available for this transaction)Visa2
92Financial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing (receiving institution ID invalid)Visan/a
93Transaction cannot be completed violation of law.Visa2
94Duplicate transmission. Transaction submitted containing values in tracing data fields that duplicate values in a previously submitted transaction.Visan/a
96System malfunctionVisa2
1AAdditional customer authentication requiredVisa3
6PVerification data failedVisa3
B1Surcharge amount not permitted on Visa cards or EBT food stamps (U.S. acquirers only)Visan/a
N0Force STIP. Issuers can respond with this, which routes transaction to STIP. Issuers use code when they cannot perform authorization but want STIP to perform it.Visa4
N3Cash service not availableVisa2
N4Cash request exceeds issuer or approved limitVisa2
N7Decline for CVV2 failureVisa3
N8Transaction amount exceeds preauthorized approval amountVisan/a
P5Denied PIN unblock-PIN change or unblock request declined by issuerVisan/a
P6Denied PIN change-requested PIN unsafeVisan/a
Q1Card authentication failed Or Offline PIN authentication interruptedVisan/a
R0Stop payment orderVisa1
R1Revocation of authorization orderVisa1
R2Transaction does not qualify for Visa PINVisan/a
R3Revocation of all authorizations orderVisa1
Z3Unable to go online; offline-declinedVisa4


Response codeResponse descriptionCard scheme
00Approved or completed successfullyMastercard
01Refer to card issuerMastercard
03Invalid merchantMastercard
04Capture cardMastercard
05Do not honorMastercard
08Honor with IDMastercard
10Partial ApprovalMastercard
12Invalid transactionMastercard
13Invalid amountMastercard
14Invalid card numberMastercard
15Invalid issuerMastercard
30Format errorMastercard
41Lost cardMastercard
43Stolen cardMastercard
51Insufficient funds/over credit limitMastercard
54Expired cardMastercard
55Invalid PINMastercard
57Transaction not permitted to issuer/cardholderMastercard
58Transaction not permitted to acquirer/terminalMastercard
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limitMastercard
62Restricted cardMastercard
63Security violationMastercard
65Exceeds withdrawal count limitMastercard
70Contact Card IssuerMastercard
71PIN Not ChangedMastercard
75Allowable number of PIN tries exceededMastercard
76Invalid/nonexistent “To Account” specifiedMastercard
77Invalid/nonexistent “From Account” specifiedMastercard
78Invalid/nonexistent account specified (general)Mastercard
79Life cycleMastercard
80System not availableMastercard
81Domestic Debit Transaction Not AllowedMastercard
84Invalid Authorization Life CycleMastercard
85Not declined Valid for all zero amount transactionsMastercard
86PIN Validation not possibleMastercard
87Purchase Amount Only, No Cash Back AllowedMastercard
88Cryptographic failureMastercard
89Unacceptable PIN – Transaction Declined – RetryMastercard
90Cutoff is in progressMastercard
91Authorization System or issuer system inoperativeMastercard
92Unable to route transactionMastercard
94Duplicate transmission detectedMastercard
96System errorMastercard
1ZAuthorization System or issuer system inoperativeMastercard

Mastercard may also return an advice code to advise whether a retry should be attempted, and in what circumstances. Please refer to our refusal advice code documentation for more information


Response codeResponse descriptionCard scheme
01Approve with IDAmex
101Expired Card / Invalid Expiration DateAmex
106Exceeded PIN attemptsAmex
109Invalid merchantAmex
110Invalid amountAmex
111Invalid accountAmex
115Requested function not supportedAmex
116Not Sufficient FundsAmex
117Invalid PINAmex
119Cardmember not enrolled / not permittedAmex
121Limit ExceededAmex
122Invalid card security codeAmex
125Invalid effective dateAmex
130Additional customer identification requiredAmex
181Format errorAmex
183Invalid currency codeAmex
187Deny – New card issuedAmex
189Deny – Cancelled or Closed Merchant/SEAmex
190National ID MismatchAmex
200Deny – Pick up cardAmex
900Accepted – ATC SynchronizationAmex
909System Malfunction (Cryptographic error)Amex
912Issuer not availableAmex
977Invalid Payment PlanAmex
978Invalid Payment TimesAmex


Response codeResponse descriptionCard scheme
00Approved or completed successfullyDiscover
01Reserved for future useDiscover
02Reserved for future useDiscover
03Invalid MerchantDiscover
04Capture CardDiscover
05Do not honorDiscover
07Pick-up Card, special conditionDiscover
08Reserved for future useDiscover
10Approved for partial amountDiscover
12Invalid transactionDiscover
13Invalid amountDiscover
14Invalid Card NumberDiscover
15Reserved for future useDiscover
19Re-enter transactionDiscover
30Format errorDiscover
31Bank not supported by switchDiscover
33Reserved for future useDiscover
34Reserved for future useDiscover
35Reserved for future useDiscover
36Reserved for future useDiscover
37Reserved for future useDiscover
38Allowable PIN tries exceededDiscover
39No credit AccountDiscover
40Requested function not supportedDiscover
41Lost CardDiscover
43Stolen CardDiscover
53No savings AccountDiscover
54Expired CardDiscover
55Invalid PINDiscover
56No Card recordDiscover
57Transaction not permitted to Issuer/CardholderDiscover
58Transaction not permitted to Acquirer/terminalDiscover
59Suspected FraudDiscover
60Card acceptor contact AcquirerDiscover
61Exceeds withdrawal amount limitDiscover
62Restricted CardDiscover
63Security violationDiscover
64Original amount incorrectDiscover
65Exceeds withdrawal count limitDiscover
66Card Acceptor call acquirer’s security deptDiscover
67Hard capture (requires ATM pick-up)Discover
68Response received too lateDiscover
75Allowable number of PIN tries exceededDiscover
76Invalid / nonexistent “to” account specifiedDiscover
77Invalid / nonexistent “from” account specifiedDiscover
78Invalid / nonexistent Account specified (general)Discover
83Domain Restriction Controls FailureDiscover
85No reason to declineDiscover
87Network unavailableDiscover
91Authorization system or Issuer system inoperativeDiscover
92Unable to route transactionDiscover
93Transaction cannot be completed, violation of lawDiscover
94Duplicate transmission detectedDiscover
96System malfunctionDiscover
1ACustomer Authentication RequiredDiscover
N1System upDiscover
N2Soft downDiscover
N3System downDiscover
N7Decline for AVS or CID mismatchDiscover
P5PIN Change / Unblock failedDiscover
P6New PIN not acceptedDiscover