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Use the OpenCart plugin to easily integrate your online store into Worldpay eCommerce.


You must have a Worldpay eCommerce account with us and access to the Dashboard Portal.

OpenCart version support

How to get the plugin

  1. Log into the OpenCart Admin Panel

  2. Go to "Extensions" -> "Installer" and click on the option to upload the extension file (on the right top of the page)


  3. Choose the zip file

  4. When the upload is finished, the Worldpay eCommerce for OpenCart extension should be listed under "Installed Extensions" on the same page

  5. Click on the green plus icon button to install


  6. Go to "Extensions" -> "Extensions" and select the extension type "Payments"

  7. Click on the designated green plus icon button to finalize the extension installation

  8. Click on the designated "Edit" button to configure the extension

  9. Enable the extension, check for success message


  10. Configure your OpenCart plugin as shown in the section below:

How to configure your OpenCart plugin

Retrieve your credentials

  1. Log into your dashboard.
  2. Click on "Developer Tools".
  3. Click on "API Credentials".
  4. Switch between "Try mode" and "Live mode" and retrieve your username and password. You need:
    • a Try API username
    • a Try API password

Retrieve your entity

  1. Log into your dashboard.
  2. Click on "Developer Tools".
  3. You can find your entity under "Entity ID"

Go live

These are the steps you need to follow to go live:

  1. Log into your dashboard and get your LIVE credentials (see steps below). You need:

    • a Live API username
    • a Live API password
    • an entity

    These will be different from any other worldpay credentials you have already.

  2. Navigate to the OpenCart config screen

  3. Copy and paste the credentials from your dashboard to the config screen. This time making sure they are going into the "Live" section.

  4. Ensure the "debug" toggle is off.

  5. You can now initiate a live transaction.

Errors & where to find support


For any other issues or further support log into dashboard and visit our support centre.