Last Updated: 15 February 2023 | Change Log


Test your FraudSight on the Try environment using the magic values provided below. Send requests and see simulated responses.

Cardholder name

Use different cardholder names to alter the FraudSight or Exemption outcome


Use the cardholder test names below when creating the tokens. When creating tokens containing test/dummy card numbers you must delete the token before creating another with the same PAN. You will be prevented from creating another token using the same PAN. As an alternative you can also change the namespace used as part of the token creation.

FraudSight Assessment

Magic valueDescriptionOutcome
fs-lowRiskLow risk assessment, proceed with paymentlowRisk
fs-highRiskHigh risk assessment, do not proceed with paymenthighRisk
fs-reviewProceed with payment but manual review requiredreview

The reason value in the assessment response can be returned for any outcome, with multiple values as part of an array. For the Try environment it's always the same value as there are many possible combinations.

FraudSight assessment with Exemption included

As a FraudSight assessment can also return an exemption you can chain the exemption test values using a period (.) separator to get various combinations of outcomes. Examples:

lowRisk Fraud assessment including a lowRisk authorization exemption:

lowRisk Fraud assessment with no exemption included:

highRisk Fraud assessment including a lowRisk authorization exemption: