Use the Shopify plugin to easily integrate your Shopify Online Store into Worldpay eCommerce.

Prerequisite: You must have a Worldpay eCommerce account with us and access to theDashboard Portal.

Install yourShopify plugin.
Get your credentials from your Worldpay eCommercedashboard.
Configure your Shopify plugin with yourWorldpay eCommerce credentials obtained via Dashboard.
Test your payments.
Go live and take payments.

How to get the plugin

  1. Install theShopify plugin.
  2. Log in with your Shopify credentials.
  3. Click "Connect' to configure your plugin.


How to configure your Shopify plugin

Enter your credentials and entity as per screenshot below:


Retrieve your credentials

  1. Log into yourdashboard.
  2. Click on "Developer Tools".
  3. Click on "API Credentials".
  4. Switch between "Try mode" and "Live mode" and retrieve your username and password. You need:
    • a Try API username
    • a Try API password


Retrieve your entity

  1. Log into yourdashboard.
  2. Click on "Account & Settings".
  3. Click on "Manage Account".
  4. Click on "Business Details".
  5. Use the second POxxx from the top as your entity.


Note: Once you have configured yourShopify config screen, you can take test transactions using ourtest card numbers.

Go live

These are the steps you need to follow to go live:

  1. Log into your dashboard and get your LIVE credentials (see steps below). You need:

    • a Live API username
    • a Live API password
    • an entity

      These will be different from any other worldpay credentials you have already.

  2. Navigate to theshopify config screen.

  3. Copy and paste the credentials from your dashboard to the config screen. This time making sure they are going into the "Live" section.
  4. Ensure the "debug" toggle is off.
  5. Ensure the new "Live" entity reference is entered.
  6. You can now initiate a live transaction.

Errors & where to find support

Error DescriptionNext Steps
"Something went wrong while processing the request. Please contact app support"Request time-out error. Please try again. Contact support if this error persists.
"There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method."Incorrect credentials entered. Please re-try your credentials. Contact support if this error persists.
"The payment is processed but Shopify is unreachable."Internal error. Contact support if this error persists.


For any other issues or further support log intodashboardand visit our support centre.