Go live

Before going live, you must have completed and tested your end-to-end integration with Access Worldpay.

You are now ready to go live.

Step 1: Card logos

Card Scheme logos must be displayed on any website once the site goes live and specifically at the point of interaction with the cardholder. Refer to the scheme websites to obtain the logos for the cards you offer.

Step 2: API Principles

Make yourself familiar with our API principles, if you are not already. This is important to ensure your integration is flexible to cope with any changes we might make.

Step 3: Credentials

You must change your credentials. Contact your Implementation Manager to retrieve details.

The credentials you are currently using are test credentials and are not working with our live APIs.

You can continue to use your test credentials to test your integration.

Step 4: Root Resource

Change your original root resource link from:


If you use the action links to get the URI resource links in your integration, you can now go live.

If you have hardcoded the URI resource links, you must change your integration to get the URI resource links from the action links returned.

Note: The action links in live are the same as the action links in your test integration.

Step 5: Query the live root resource


No request body is needed for this request.

The Response

  "_links": {
    "payments:authorize": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payments/authorizations"
    "service:payments": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payments"
    "service:sessions": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/sessions"
    "service:tokens": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/tokens"
    "service:verifications/accounts": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/verifications/accounts"
    "service:verifications/customers/3ds": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/verifications/customers/3ds"
    "service:verifiedTokens": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/verifiedTokens"
    "service:fraudsight": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/fraudsight"
    "service:exemptions": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/exemptions"
    "service:payouts": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payouts"
    "service:payments/alternative/direct": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payments/alternative/direct"
    "service:payments/alternative/action/paypal": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payments/alternative/action/paypal"
    "service:payments/alternative/action/ideal": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payments/alternative/action/ideal"
    "service:payouts/accounts": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payouts/accounts"
    "service:payouts/events": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/payouts/events"
    "service:moneyTransfers": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/moneyTransfers"
    "service:foreignExchange": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/foreignExchange"
    "service:accounts/statements": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/accounts/statements"
    "service:accounts/balance": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/accounts/balance"
    "service:accounts/transfer": {
      "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/accounts/transfer"
    "curies": [
        "href": "https://try.access.worldpay.com/rels/payments/{rel}",
        "name": "payments",
        "templated": true