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CVC validation

Validate your customer's CVC before processing it.


The validation does not check if your customer's CVC are correct. The validation only checks the format of the entered CVC.

Get started

  • you have added the AccessCheckoutSDK to your project as a Cocoapods dependency
  • you have added an import AccessCheckoutSDK at the top of your swift file

The four basic components for this integration are as follows:

  • Your AccessCheckoutUITextField for the CVC
  • An AccessCheckoutCvcOnlyValidationDelegate is designed to receive events pertaining to validation
  • An instance of CvcOnlyValidationConfig contains all the information required for the initialization of the validation flow, including references to the view component to enable validation for
  • An AccessCheckoutValidationInitialiser is responsible for initializing the validation flow
Full Sample Integration

You can see an example of the CVC validation integration here.

Create and reference the UI components

To display your checkout form, you must create your layout first using your storyboard.

Here's an example of how you would reference your UI components using unique identifiers.

import AccessCheckoutSDK

class ViewController: UIViewController {

  @IBOutlet weak var cvcAccessCheckoutView: AccessCheckoutUITextField!

Implement the AccessCheckoutCvcOnlyValidationDelegate protocol

This ensures you are notified of validation events.

extension ViewController: AccessCheckoutCvcOnlyValidationDelegate {

  // This event handler is notified when the CVC becomes valid or invalid
    func cvcValidChanged(isValid: Bool) {
      // You might want to change the text colour
        cvcAccessCheckoutView.textColor = isValid ? nil :
        if !valid {
            // You might want to disable a submit button which would normally be clicked on when all fields are valid
            submitButton.isEnabled = false
    // This is complimentary to cvcValidChanged() and is notified only when the CVC is valid
    func validationSuccess() {
        // You might want to enable a submit button
        submitButton.isEnabled = true

Here's an example.

Instantiate a CvcOnlyValidationConfig and initialize the validation

We recommend to do this in the viewDidLoad() handler of your UIViewController.

override func viewDidLoad() {
    let validationConfig = try! CvcOnlyValidationConfig.builder()

Create CVC session

Once validation is in place you can request sessions to implement your payment flow.

Next steps

Create a CVC session