Versioning and Change log

This log details any breaking and non-breaking API changes we have released for our Checkout iOS SDK.


Make yourself familiar with our API Principles to ensure a resilient integration.

Versioning log

Version 3 (22 January 2024)

PCI and Payments API support

Support for enhanced card sessions

  • The SDK now returns a card session URL in the form of Previously, the card session URL looked like this:

The format of the new card session URL supports our new upcoming Payments API, whilst also remaining compatible with our Verified Tokens API.

Support for SAQ-A compliance

  • We have added a new UI Component (AccessCheckoutUITextField) dedicated to capturing and encapsulating your customer's card details to minimize your exposure to PCI Data.

At a high level, you now pass references of instances of this UI component to our SDK. The SDK ensures you don't have to manipulate card details directly. This allows your application to be assessed against the PCI SAQ-A standard.

Version 2 functionality that is deprecated in version 3:

  • Support for using UITextField (planned removal in version 4)
  • Support for directly passing card details to create an instance of CardDetails (planned removal in version 4)
  • Support for using merchantId() in AccessCheckoutClientBuilder to pass your Checkout ID is deprecated and replaced by checkoutId() (planned removal of merchantId() in version 4)

Minimum version requirements

  • The minimum version supported is iOS 12

Version 2 (30 July 2020)

Simplified integration

Version 2 has a simplified integration and caters for CVC session creation for our Android and iOS SDK.

Change log (Non-breaking changes)

Swift package manager support (version 2.4.0 onwards) (15 June 2022)

More details

Swift Package Manager support is now available for our iOS SDK version 2.4.0 onwards.

PAN formatting (06 September 2021)

More details

PAN formatting allows you to format the card in your checkout form as the customer types.

Card brand configuration (15 March 2021)

More details

The card brand configuration allows you to restrict the cards that you accept on your checkout form.

Customization for validator (11 January 2021)

More details

The new version of the iOS SDK is 2.1.0 to add support for UITextFields in the validation feature.

CVC session increased lifespan (all versions) (19 October 2020)

More details

We have increased the lifespan of the CVC session from one minute to 15 minutes.