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Take payments and still qualify for SAQ-A - the lowest PCI compliance level - with our iOS SDK.

Create your own uniquely styled and branded checkout form by integrating our SDK into your native app.

Read more about the Checkout SDK and the supported payment journeys here.


Make yourself familiar with our API Principles to ensure a resilient integration.


Please ensure you integrate the SDK as advised in our documentation or you might be subject to additional PCI Compliance and won't meet the SAQ-A Compliance level.

How does it work?

We are securing your customer's payment details by creating a session. You can then either apply the session directly in the Payments API or create a token for use with our modular APIs.

What is a session?

A session is a unique identifier for your customer's card details, generated by the SDK.

Get our SDK

Our iOS SDK is available via Cocoapods as well as Swift Package Manager.

Only our latest iOS SDK versions from 2.4.0 will be available on swift package manager.


Once you've installed and configured your project to use Cocoapods, add the following line to your projects Podfile to add our SDK.

pod 'AccessCheckoutSDK'

Here is a link to the homepage of our SDK on Cocoapods:

Swift Package Manager

Support for Swift Package Manager is available in the Access Checkout iOS SDK from version 2.4.0 onwards.

Once you've configured your project to use Swift Package Manager, you can add the iOS SDK as a dependency in either of the two ways:

You will then need to specify the URL of the Access Checkout iOS SDK GitHub repository.


You must import the Access Checkout module to have access to all the classes, methods and functions you need to create your form and generate sessions.

Here is an example of how you would import the Access Checkout module into your swift file.

import AccessCheckoutSDK

After importing the Access Checkout module, we recommend you extend your ViewController with UIViewController.

class ViewController: UIViewController {

Additional security measures

Verify the integrity of the Cocoapods dependency

We recommend that you verify the integrity of the iOS source code that has been downloaded by Cocoapods after installation of the AccessCheckoutSDK pod. To do this, run the command below in the directory that contains your Podfile to get a checksum of the AccessCheckoutSDK pod sources. Then you must make sure that the checksum displayed matches checksum 2a813c0a4194cab4a3aa08c5b16e9cc0a5bfac1711c2a0dd912099d3f916ac29

find Pods/AccessCheckoutSDK/ -type f -exec shasum -a 256 {} \; | awk '{print $1}' | shasum -a 256

What to do next