Important: We have released a new version. Documentation for our latest version can be foundhere.


API v1

Verify your customer's identity simply and seamlessly to minimize fraud. Use our strong customer authentication to benefit from liability shift.

Visualize our 3DS API and see the flow of a 3DS authentication.

Discover our 3DS API by clicking on the scenarios. We'll show you the flow of requests, and actions related to the selected request.


Note: Our 3DS2 offering will fallback to 3DS1 if not yet supported by the card issuer or the deviceData.collectionReference value is not included in theAuthentication Request

Main steps:

Get startedGet started with our 3DS API by setting your headers and querying the 3DS root resource.
Device data initializationReceive the form values required for the Device Data Collection form. This is used to fingerprint your customer's browser or device.
Device Data Collection (DDC)Submit the DDC form to your customers card issuer.
AuthenticationOrder information and risk data is used to decide if a challenge is necessary. The 3DS flow ends here if no challenge is required (frictionless).
Challenge displayDisplay your customer's card issuers challenge page and perform an identity check on your customer.
VerificationFollowing a challenge, retrieve the authentication details, which must be used as part of your3DS payment authorize request.
TestingAfter you've finished your integration into our 3DS API, you must test your integration with the values provided.

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