Providing CVC for reusable token

Providing CVC for reusable token

Example Request

curl[your token] 
-H "Content-type: application/json" 
-d '{
        "cvc": "123",        "clientKey": "T_C_client_key"}'

Under Visa and MasterCard rules, Worldpay is not allowed to store Card Security Codes. These codes are also known as CVC, CVV or CV2.

Note: normally you should not invoke this API directly. It will be used by Worldpay.js forcard on file paymentsor by ouriOSorAndroidlibraries when using mobile apps. You should only call this API directly if you want to see the CVC details and your platform isPCI compliant.

Adding or refreshing a CVC on an existing token is performed through a PUT on the Tokens API.