Testing reference

For secure acceptance hosted checkout, you must set up a test profile as described in the getting started section.

POST your test transaction to this endpoint: https://testsecureacceptance.cybersource.com/pay.

Use the following test payment card numbers for transactions.


Remove spaces when sending the request.

Payment card typeTest account numberCVCExpiry date
Visa4111 1111 1111 111100112/24
Mastercard5555 5555 5555 444400212/24
American Express3782 8224 6310 005000312/24
  • Use these card numbers for **test transactions **only.
  • You can use the same test card numbers as needed, to send REST API requests to https://apitest.cybersource.com/pts/v2/payments for managing payments and taking recurring payments.

View test transactions

You can view your test transactions in the Enterprise Business Center (EBC).

  1. Log in to EBC: https://worldpay.ubctest.cybersource.com/ebc2/

  2. In the left navigation panel, select Transaction Management > Secure Acceptance.

    Secure Acceptance Search page is displayed.

  3. Search transactions using your preferred methods.

  4. Click the Request ID link of the transaction that you want to view.

    Details page is displayed.