Take recurring payments

You can take recurring payments (also known as merchant initiated transactions), for the following use cases:

  • Reauthorization for split shipment:

    A split shipment occurs when multiple goods purchased in a single transaction are shipped at separate times. When the goods become available to ship, you can perform a new authorization for the portion of the transaction being delivered. This ensures that the cardholder's funds are still available. The reauthorization is performed in one of the following scenarios:

    • Before requesting a capture, you request an authorization using the saved cardholder credentials.
    • You use the split-shipment feature.
  • Regular payment:

    The result of instructions governed by a contract between you and a cardholder. The instructions enable you to charge a specific or variable amount at specified intervals.

    To take these types of recurring payments, you need to POST to the REST API payments resource, using the token returned when you saved a card after a single payment.

Recurring payment example request

For recurring transactions, POST a request to the payments resource.


Request body:

    "clientReferenceInformation": {
        "code": "MITUnschedule"
    "paymentInformation": {
                 "paymentInstrument": {
    "id": "PAYMENT TOKEN" (The token ID returned in the response to your merchant POST URL after the initial 'save card with a single payment')
    "orderInformation": {
        "amountDetails": {
            "currency": "GBP",
            "totalAmount": "100.01"
    "processingInformation": {
        "capture": true,
        "commerceIndicator": "internet",
        "authorizationOptions": {
            "ignoreAvsResult": "true",
            "ignoreCvResult": "true",
            "initiator": {
                "type": "merchant",
                "storedCredentialUsed": true