Save a card after a single payment

Payment tokens are unique identifiers that replace sensitive payment information and that cannot be mathematically reversed. Cybersource securely stores all the card information, replacing it with the payment token.

The payment token replaces the card or electronic check bank account number and optionally the associated billing, shipping and card information. No sensitive card information is stored on your servers, thereby reducing your PCI DSS obligations.

Use transaction type = authorization, create_payment_token

  • In order to use payment tokens, you must enable Payment Tokenization in your secure acceptance settings.
  • Please include payer_authentication_challenge_code = 04 as an additional key-value in your payment request, if you want to take recurring payments in the future. This will ensure that your customer is authenticated upfront and future recurring transactions will be linked to that authentication. This in turn will ensure optimal approval rates.

The response notifications will follow the schema as mentioned here.