Last Updated: 09 May 2024 | Change Log

Go live

Worldpay for Business merchants only

Before going live, use the checklist below:

  • Card Scheme logos - must be displayed on any website once the site goes live and specifically at the point of interaction with the cardholder. Refer to the scheme websites to obtain the logos for the cards you offer
  • Iframe/Lightbox JavaScript library - if you're using our iframe library, ensure you link to our externally hosted library, and do not save a copy
  • Iframe inject options - different web technologies/framework need different ways to integrate. Using the immediate inject option rather than the onload option, may be a suitable depending on the web development framework you're using
  • Customization - make sure you have promoted your customization from try (test environment) to live (production environment)
  • Custom Result URLs - We recommend to redirect your customer back to your own website/app at the end of the flow, so you can continue the journey with your customer. If result URLs are not provided, customers are redirected to one of our default result pages, where the payment journey ends
  • Testing - ensure your payment flow works in the test environment, in the exact way you'd expect for the production environment
  • Production environment - make sure your account has been activated to process live payments
  • Production URL - switch your URLs from using (URL for test environment) to (URL for production environment)
  • Live proving - make sure you've submitted a number of live transactions, to ensure that the expected behavior is the same as you've encountered during testing. We recommend that live proving covers as much of the transaction life cycle (and your business processes) as possible