Foreign Exchange (FX)

Our FX API allows you to retrieve an FX rate pairing, create an FX quote and retrieve an FX quote.


Creating and retrieving FX quotes is available for use as part of the future enhancements to FX API in 2024.

FX Rates

Retrieve an FX rate for a particular payment method. Our FX Rates API allows to retrieve with one call:

  • a single currency pairing (e.g GBP to EUR)
  • one currency against all currencies you are entitled to (e.g. GBP to EUR, GBP to USD, GBP to CAD, etc.)
  • all currencies against all other currencies you are entitled to

FX Quotes

FX Quotes enables you to:

  • lock the FX rate by creating an FX quote
  • retrieve an existing FX quote

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