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Last Updated: 17 January 2024 | Change Log

Get started

In addition to the API credentials you will need ones for Bintray to access the SDK. To receive these please contact your Relationship Manager/Implementation Manager.

The SDK itself is provided and maintained by Cardinal. The steps here act as guidance for using the Cardinal SDK with the Access 3DS API.


Testing the SDK using the Try environment is not currently supported. The API requests must be to production and the SDK environment set to CardinalEnvironment.PRODUCTION.

Registration for SDK Access

  1. You will receive an email from
  2. Click "Join the organization"
  3. For the username please use your company name
  4. Complete the registration

API key

  1. Whilst logged in to Bintray
  2. Click on the username (top right) and select edit profile
  3. From the left menu select API key and enter the same password you used for registration
  4. Click the copy icon to retrieve the key

Next steps

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