User Management

You can create additional users for your account so that workloads can be spread across different people in your organisation.

You can find Management settingshere.

User Types

Administrator Users

Administrators have unrestricted access to all parts of the portal, including user management.

Manager Users

Manager users also have unrestricted access, with the exception of user management.

Standard Users

Standard users are able to view most parts of the portal, but are unable to make changes. Sensitive details such as API Keys are not visible.

Virtual Terminal Users

Virtual Terminal users are able to make and capture Virtual Terminal orders, but are unable to cancel or refund them. Sensitive details such as API Keys and account information are not visible.

Creating Users

On the User Management settings page, use the Add Another User section to specify the email address of the new user, and then select the type of user you require. An email will be sent to that address, and the link inside must be followed to verify the email address. Up to 100 unique users can be accommodated.


If a user account is compromised, an Administrator can disable the account via the option button beside the userhere. Users can be re-enabled in the same way.