API Keys

API keys are used for you to authenticate yourself to our server for any API call.

You can find your API Keyshere.

There are two pairs of keys, one for TEST and one for LIVE. Both pairs consist of two keys: a service key and a client key. You should use the service key for all server-to-server calls. The client key is used by Worldpay.js and Android libraries to store the card details in our server.

The Service Key

The service key is used for all server-to-server calls. It is important you keep this key secret.

In order to authorise your service to the API, you must set the service key on completion of payment from your server. Please refer to the guide appropriate to each specific payment type for more information about how to do this.

The Client Key

The client key is used for API calls made directly from your customer's browser. Having a separate key for this keeps your service key more secure.

The client key is set using the Worldpay.js library.

For more information about how to create a checkout form using Worldpay.js, please refer to the appropriate guide for each payment type.