Versioning and Change log

This log details any breaking and non-breaking API changes we have released for our 3DS service.

Prerequisite: Make yourself familiar with ourAPI Principlesto ensure a resilient integration.

Versioning log

Breaking changes

  • header Content-Type and Accept changed to version 3:
Content-Type: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.customers-v3.hal+json
Accept: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.customers-v3.hal+json

Breaking changes

  • header Content-Type and Accept changed to version 2:

Content-Type: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.customers-v2.hal+json
Accept: application/vnd.worldpay.verifications.customers-v2.hal+json

  • Error responses no longer contain path and status as keys

  • Invalid card numbers are now producing an error message

"validationErrors": [
    "errorName": "fieldHasInvalidValue",
    "jsonPath": "$.instruction.paymentInstrument.cardNumber",
    "message": "Card number is invalid"

Note: You can find documentation for all versionshere.

Change log (Non-breaking changes)

For versions 2 and 3 we now return a transactionReferenceIsADuplicate error instead of unavailable when a duplicate transactionReference is used for an authentication request.

As part of changes to support a native mobile integration for 3DS2 we have made a new key:value available. The challenge object in the authentication response now contains the following:

challenge {

"payload": "eJxdUttugkAQ/RXic2V3qUgx4xqsTeqDplH6AQgToZGLu0vBfn13EcV2EpI558zMMhdYtPnJ..."

If provided, transactionId is returned as part of the 3DS1 authentication signatureFailed outcome. Whilst you should not proceed with payment authorization, the value can be useful for tracing.

Cardinal SDK Change log

The Access 3DS API is periodically tested against the latest version of the Cardinal SDK. Current tested Cardinal SDK version:

We strongly recommend signing uphereso you are kept informed of SDK updates.