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API v3
Last updated May 2021

In addition to theAPI credentialsyou will need a username and password for Jfrog Artifactory to access the SDK. To receive these please contact yourImplementation Manager.

Bintray sunset: Bintray will no longer be available from 1st June 2021. New credentials will be created for Jfrog Artifactory.

The SDK itself is provided and maintained by Cardinal. The steps here act as guidance for using the Cardinal SDK with the Access 3DS API.

API key generation

You can find instructions for the creation of the API keyhere.

API version 3: New merchants boarded from May 2021 will have v3 of the API enabled against their account (enabling new test values with iOS/Android support on Try). Existing merchants will be gradually migrated, contactsupportto accelerate this if you require v3 for testing.

Next steps

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