Release process

Since the website is hosted and deployed by the Redocly platform, any changes that are merged into the master branch are automatically deployed into production. This is fine for changes such as:

  • Content changes, e.g. adding/updating markdown files, assets, etc.
  • Style changes, e.g. adding/updating css files
  • Presentational components, i.e. components that are simply functions of markdown and css
  • Config changes, e.g. updating redocly.yaml

Any changes that involve introducing new third-party code or code involving business logic will require raising a standard change. Typically this will only apply to when we are updating @redocly/realm versions.

Standard change

To raise a standard change, go to the Access for eCom catalog and click on AFEC-LEO-WORLDPAY DEVELOPERS-DEPLOY-NEW. Make sure you include the deployment and roll back versions in the description, add an assignee and a planned start & end date. The PR you are looking to merge should be incrementing the version in the package.json file, this should give you the deployment and rollback versions.

Change tasks

Be sure to assign the change tasks (it is simpler if you just assign them to yourself) and fill in the planned start and end dates. Make sure the times don't fill the entire change window; you need to leave some time for potential rollback. Once you have requested approval on the change request, go back into the change tasks and change the Accept Task field to Yes.


You can submit the change, but before it can be approved you will need to attach a change gate report. When you are ready for approval, post a message in the #change-standup slack channel with a brief description and a link to the change request.

Once your change is approved, wait until the scheduled date and time before merging the PR containing the new version.


If a rollback is required, simply create a new PR reverting the changes made and have this reviewed, approved and merged, ideally during the change window.

Change gate

Before you can create a change gate report, you will need to update the version in Blackduck, it may take up to a couple of hours for these changes to be picked up by the change gate process. When ready:

  • Go to the Security Risk website and search for 'Worldpay Developers'
  • With the row selected, click the Change Gate Report ... button.
  • Select the Checkmarx & Blackduck projects and the relevant scans from the dropdowns.
  • Click Generate Report

If you are prompted to enter the four most recent ticket numbers for previous releases, you can find them in the Leo SNOW dashboard, under the Leo Changes [WPD - closed] section.


The following steps must be done by a project owner or alternate project owner of the WPD blackduck project

  • Click on the version you want to deploy
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • In the Version details section:
    • Enter the Release Date
    • Change the Phase to 'Released'
    • Click Save
  • In the Custom Fields section:
    • Select the only option in the Inventory Verification dropdown
    • Click Save