Defending a disputed order

Uploading evidence for a disputed order

Example request

    -H "Authorization:your-test-service-key"
    -H "Content-type: application/json"
    -X POST
    -d "{ "documentName": "fileNamewithextension.doc",
          "documentDataInBase64": "Base 64 encoded file contents”}"

Documented evidence can be supplied for disputed orders through a POST on the Order Dispute API URL, with the filename and base64-encoded file in the body. Documents can be uploaded if the current order state is INFORMATION_REQUESTED or INFORMATION_SUPPLIED.

Uploads for live orders must include theLive Service Keyand for test orders must include theTest Service Key, in the Authorization http header.

Successful uploads will receive a 200 OK response and the order state will change to "INFORMATION_REQUESTED", or if documents have formerly been uploaded the state will remain "INFORMATION_SUPPLIED".

There are restrictions on uploading:

Maximum native file size per upload is 4MB or 5.33MB when base64 encoded

File types supported are : zip, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tiff, pdf, txt

One upload every 10 minutes

Dispute request object

documentNameString, Mandatory
The name of the document that is being uploaded.
documentDataInBase64String, Mandatory
The content of the document that is being uploaded, encoded as base64.