Creating a Financial Services-related order

Setting MCC 6012 fields for a UK Visa Debit card order

Example Request

-H "Authorization:your-service-key" 
-H "Content-type: application/json" 
-X POST -d '{
    "token" : "your-token",
    "orderType" : "ECOM",
    "amount" : 500,
    "authorizeOnly" : true,
    "currencyCode" : "GBP",
    "orderDescription" : "Order description",
    "customerOrderCode":"Order code"
    "name" : "John Smith",
    "billingAddress" : {
        "address1" : "address1",
        "postalCode" : "postCode",
        "city" : "city",
        "countryCode" : "GB"
    "shopperEmailAddress": "email address",
    "shopperIpAddress": "",
    "shopperSessionId" : "123",
    "customerIdentifiers" : {
        "accountReference" : "1234567",
        "dateOfBirth" : "01-01-1970",
        "familyName" : "Smith",
        "postalCode" : "EC4N 8AF"

Merchants who need to specify additional information about the recipient of funds to comply with Visa's MCC 6012 requirements must use the customerIdentifiers object's key-value pairs. See the code example to the right as a guide.

For more information on this please see oursupport topic.

6012 customerIdentifiers Keys and Values

accountReferenceString, Mandatory for 6012 merchants
Receiving bank account number or first 6 and last 4 digits of receiving credit card number. Example : "1234567" or "6759128722"
dateOfBirthString, Mandatory for 6012 merchants
Date of birth of the recipient of the funds in DD-MM-YYYY format. Example : "01-01-1970"
familyNameString, Mandatory for 6012 merchants
Family name of the recipient of the funds. Example : "Smith"
postalCodeString, Mandatory for 6012 merchants
Residential post code of the recipient of the funds, including a space. Example : "EC4N 8AF"