Basic configuration

After you have installed the extension do the following:

  1. Go to: Stores/Configuration/Sales/Worldpay

General configuration

The table below describes all the fields, and what you need to input to complete basic configuration.

General configuration settingsDescription
Enable WorldpayWhen set to Yes, merchants can use the Worldpay Payment Gateway to process transactions at checkout.
Environment modeToggles between test and live modes. Set it to Live after testing is completed and before production launch.
Test URLThe Worldpay test environment's URL.
Live URLThe Worldpay production environment's URL.
Merchant codeYour Worldpay merchant code, which your Worldpay support contact provides.
XML usernameYour Worldpay XML username, which you will find in the Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface.
XML passwordYour Worldpay XML password, which you can set in the Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface.
Enable LoggingIf this is enabled, all requests and responses, along with other debug information, are logged at the Magento2Root/var/log/worldpay.log file. You should disable logging on production and enable it on staging for debugging. If you are troubleshooting, you might be asked to enable this feature.
Auto invoiceIf set to Yes, Magento automatically creates an invoice. This occurs so long as Worldpay authorises the transaction and sends a Capture request. If set to No, an invoice is not created until a capture order notification is received.
Payment method selectionThis has two options: you can display payment methods as radio buttons or dropdowns in the payment section.