Last Updated: 20 September 2023 | Change Log


Test your Exemptions integration on the Try environment using the magic values provided below. Send requests and see simulated responses.


You can test how the issuer responds to the exemption applied in the payment using these Access Payments test values.

Cardholder name

Use different cardholder names to alter the Exemption outcome


Use the cardholder test names below when creating the tokens. When creating tokens containing test/dummy card numbers you must delete the token before creating another with the same PAN. You will be prevented from creating another token using the same PAN. As an alternative you can also change the namespace used as part of the token creation.

Exemptions Assessment

Magic valueDescriptionOutcomeTypePlacement
ex-exemption-lowRisk-authorizationApply a low risk exemption directly to the paymentexemptionlowRiskauthorization
ex-exemption-lowValue-authorizationApply a low value exemption directly to the paymentexemptionlowValueauthorization
ex-exemption-lowRisk-authenticationApply a low risk exemption in 3DS authenticationexemptionlowRiskauthentication
ex-exemption-lowValue-authenticationApply a low value exemption in 3DS authenticationexemptionlowValueauthentication
ex-noExemptionNo exemption provided, proceed to 3DS or directly to paymentnoExemptionN/AN/A