Last Updated: 11 April 2024 | Change Log

Alternative payment methods (APMs) Testing

Test your APMs integration on the Try environment using the magic values provided below. Send requests and see simulated responses.

iDEAL testing

Submit a sale request to test your integration on the Try environment.

You will receive a URL in the url parameter of the sale response body. This URL replicates the redirect bank URL that would be provided during live transaction.

Use this URL to open a simulator where you can see options to authorize, cancel or reject a payment.

PayPal testing

Use the magic values given below for amount parameter in your request.

Magic valueDescriptionResponse
500If the payment amount is 500, payment status returns 'error'error
600If the payment amount is 600, payment status returns 'refused'refused
700If the payment amount is 700, payment status returns 'refundFailed'refundFailed
900If the payment amount is 900, payment status returns 'captureFailed'captureFailed