Account Updater

Request and receive updated customer information for MasterCard, Visa, and Discover accounts to help reduce authorization failures.


You can use Account Updater to support recurring billing plans, such as:

  • subscription services
  • membership fees
  • multi-payment programs
  • preferred customer programs

You can request changed card information for customers approaching their billing date without contacting them individually. The same applies for agreements created with a token. You can also submit raw customer card details or Access Worldpay token URIs for updates. If you submit an Access Worldpay token we will issue a replacement URI for any account updated by the networks.


Account Updater enables you to receive the following updated credit card information:

  • New account numbers
  • New expiration dates
  • New tokens
  • Information about accounts transitioning from Visa to MasterCard and vice versa
  • Account closed notifications
  • Contact customer notifications

Account Updater does not support change of address or Address Verification Service (AVS) updates.

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