How to configure 3DS

3DS Flex is the most advanced product on the market for 3-D Secure (3DS). It helps to increase issuer approvals for transactions affected by PSD2.

To use 3DS authentication, you first must enable and configure 3DS at Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sales > Access Worldpay. Do the following:

  1. Under the Credit Card 3DS Authentication tab is a 3DS configuration panel. Select Yes in the Activate 3DS Authentication field.

  2. Set the type of challenge window you want to demand 3DS authentication in the Challenge Window Type field.

Additional risk data

Additional risk data is used by your customer's card issuer. Issuers use this risk data to decide if the authentication request needs a challenge or not. Successful authentication without a challenge is known as frictionless authentication.

There are three risk Data objects you can include in your request, Account, Transaction and Shipping. These are explained below:


Contains all customer account related risk data:

  • Type: Describes customer's account type. It can have following values:

    • guestUser - Order placed without full merchant account registration (no password)

    • registeredUser - Order placed with full merchant account registration (password entered).

    • federatedAccount - Using a Federated ID

    • issuerCredentials - Using issuer credentials

    • thirdPartyAuthentication - Using third party authentication

    • fidoAuthenticator - FIDO authentication standard

  • email: The customer's email address

  • History:

    • createdAt: When the account was created

    • modified: When the account


Contains all customer transaction related risk data:

  • firstName: Customer's first name

  • lastName: Customer's last name


Contains all customer shipping related risk data:

  • nameMatchesAccountName: if Customer name on account is identical to the shipping name, it holds “true” or “false”

  • email: The email address used for an electronic delivery.

Note: 3DS Flex works with both Direct and Access checkout (websdk) modes. You can enable the integration mode at Stores > Configuration > Sales > Access Worldpay > Credit Cards. Card details are not saved. Only the token is saved at the Magento level.

Challenge page

You display the 3DS challenge page to the shopper to collect the 3DS authentication information. You have a choice of two types of window:

  • iframe - This contains nested browsing context that embeds another HTML page into the current one

  • Full page - This displays the 3DS challenge fields in a new web page

Both the iframe and full web page options close with a order success page that appears to shoppers once the 3DS process is complete.