Access Worldpay plugin for Magento 2

These pages give detailed information on the Magento 2 plugin for use with Access Worldpay.


The Worldpay Payments Plugin for Magento 2 is highly customizable and offers a comprehensive suite of payment and admin features. It is designed with your integration and business needs in mind. It features:

  • Quick and easy installation. Clear, succinct documentation enables developers to be productive as quickly as possible

  • Lowest possible PCI DSS burden. We’ll help you reach and maintain compliance with minimum effort

  • Full support whenever you need it. Our support teams are there for you – 24/7 for payment incident support and 24/5 for any other issues. Please get in touch with your Worldpay support contact. If they’re not available, call our customer service team on 0800 096 3997

Overview of Worldpay Plugin Features

The table below lists the main features of the plugin.

Supported credit cardsVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, Carte Bancaire, Carte Bleue.
3DS authentication3D Secure authentication (strong customer authentication) for direct credit card integration and access checkout payment pages.
Stored credentialsIncluding detailed ways to improve authorization rates and ensure compliance.
Stored credentials: disclaimer messageAsk for shoppers’ consent before you save their card details during checkout.
Access checkout payment pageTake payments and still qualify for SAQ-A – the lowest PCI compliance level – with Worldpay Web SDK.
Apple Pay and Google PayProcess Apple Pay and Google Pay payments.
Instant page checkoutExpress checkout.

Before you start

Prerequisite: You must have installed and correctly set up your Magento 2 store. If you have any problems with your Magento set-up, visit theMagento support centre.

Get started

Make sure your Implementation Manager or Worldpay Support contact has given you:

Once you receive your login credentials to login to theMerchant Administration Interface, follow the steps below to configure your XML connection credentials:

  1. Click ACCOUNT, then select Profile from the top menu.

  2. Note your new username for the connection.

  3. Click the pencil icon next to XML Password.

  4. Enter your new password and click Save XML Password.

Basic configuration

This is the basic configuration for the plug-in. Do the following:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Access Worldpay. The configuration screen appears.

  2. Click the down arrow next to General Configuration, the General Configuration screen appears.

  3. The table below lists the features and what you need to input to complete the basic configuration.

Enable AccessWorldpayWhen set to Yes, you can use the Access Worlpday payment gateway to process transactions at checkout.
Environment ModeToggles between Test and Live modes. Set it to Live after testing is complete and before the production launch.
Test URLThe Worldpay test environment URL.
Live URLThe Worldpay production environment URL.
Merchant CodeYour Worldpay merchant code, given to you by Worldpay.
XML UsernameYour Worldpay XML username, find it in the Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface.
XML PasswordYour Worldpay XML password, set this in the Worldpay Merchant Admin Interface.
Enable LoggingIf this is enabled, all requests and responses, along with other debug information, are logged in the Magento2Root/var/log/worldpay.log file. You should disable logging on production and enable it on staging for debugging. This log information can be useful for troubleshooting.

See the other topics for specialized configurations.

Merchant Administration Interface (MAI)

The Worldpay Merchant Administration Interface is essential to set up and operate payment processing. For more information, click the link to theMAI guide.

If you need support

Contact your Worldpay support contact. If they’re not available, call our customer service team on 0800 096 3997.