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Access Worldpay API docs released in Chinese & Japanese

To help many more customers integrate with Access Worldpay, we've released Chinese and Japanese translations of our API docs. Here, Access Worldpay’s Product Owner, Chris Gaseltine, welcomes our Chinese and Japanese customers and explains the benefits of Access Worldpay.

In order to allow Chinese and Japanese developers to integrate their systems with Access Worldpay more easily, we've recently translated our core API documentation into these two languages.

As Chris explains in his Chinese and Japanese introductions, we want customers in these two countries to benefit from Access Worldpay’s key features. In particular, our APIs are modern, simple to use and centered around the developer experience. We constantly test everything, so our APIs are extremely robust and reliable, plus our use of DevOps techniques means we frequently release new and updated features.

Increasing access worldwide

Our Chinese and Japanese translations are the first steps in a broader plan to make our products more accessible worldwide. We want to continue expanding our reach and increasing our user base, so we’re planning to translate our documentation into more languages in 2022.

Clickhereto see the Chinese version of the API docs.
Clickhereto see the Japanese version of the API docs.

Welcome to our new customers

Chris Gaseltine is Product Owner for Access Worldpay and a keen language student. He has written a few words to personally welcome our new Chinese and Japanese customers.

"Welcome to our developer website. My name is Chris Gaseltine, the Product Owner for Access Worldpay.

We are very pleased that our API documentation is now presented in Chinese and Japanese. We very much hope that this will help developers across China and Japan work with us more easily and quickly, and we look forward to collaborating with you!"

Welcome to our Chinese customers

欢迎来到Access Worldpay


我叫甘士亭逵思 (Chris Gaseltine)


我们最近发布了中文网站。我希望中国人开发者就会吧AccessWorldpay的付款服务用得更轻松, 更节约时间

Access Worldpay API有三个好处


其次,Access Worldpay提供非常可靠的服务。因为我们认为质量是最重要的

最后,我想指新产品开发的速度。 Access Worldpay尊重DevOps的方法,一直发布新功能发的真快



Welcome to our Japanese customers

Access Worldpay へようこそ!

クリス・ガセルチーン(Chris Gaseltine) と申します。Access Worldpayのプロダクトオーナー、担当者でございます


Access Worldpayには三つのメリットを目標にしてAPIをリリイスさせていただきました


しかも、Access Worldpay は信頼性の高いサービスを提供するように設計したものです。それはコード、テスト、どこでも高い品質を強調するからです

それと同時に新製品開発が速いことです。Access WorldpayはDevOps の手法をきっかけに、新しい機能・フイーチャーをどんどんリリイスすることができます


それで、ちょっとお願いいたします。是非フィードバックをいただきたいとおもいます。我々これからもAccess Worldpayをダンダン改善しようと思います。 Implementation Manager にご連絡してご意見をお聞かせ下さい


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