US and Canada domestic acquiring

Worldpay can provide domestic acquiring for:

  • The United States of America (USA) - for payments made to US-based companies
  • Canada - for payments made to Canada based companies

For this, be aware that:

  • You must have a legal entity and bank account in the respective country
  • There are some Merchant Category Code (MCC) restrictions. For more information, contact your Relationship Manager

What's available

The standard payment processing features that are available in the US and Canada.

Payment methods

CardsWalletDirect Debit
VisaApple PayDirect Debit ACH
MastercardGoogle Pay
American ExpressSamsung Pay
China Union Pay

Payment processing

Authorization, capture, reversal and refund requests are supported. Sale and void are also available through this connection, with sale being required forPrime routing.

Account verification

You can check the validity of a card by submitting a zero value authorization. For more information, seePayment requests.


The following consumer authentication services are available, for more information seeAuthentication.

  • Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Code (CVC)
  • American Express Advanced Verification (AAV)
  • 3D-Secure (Visa and Mastercard only)

Best practice: We recommend that you provide all address fields in your submissions as this might help lower your interchange rates. However, only <postalCode> (the zip code) and <countryCode> are mandatory because, in the United States and Canada, shoppers generally only provide these when making online payments.

Dynamic narratives

You can add dynamic statement narratives to your submissions. This can include certain fields such as order code, description or ticket code. You can either provide a phone number or a URL, and a descriptor.

  • Phone - allows you to include your phone number. For the phone, the maximum length is 13, and can only contain numbers from 0 to 9. You cannot include letters or special characters.
  • URL - allows you to provide a URL. For the URL, the maximum length is 13 and can include any of the following: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, /, \, -, ., or _. We strip http://, https:// and www. from the URL, so becomes
  • Descriptor - The descriptor is from 4 to 25 characters. For example, Worldpay-OrderCode1234.

    Note: If you include a prefix, it must be either 3, 7 or 12 characters in length. You must use an asterisk (*) after the prefix as a separator, in one of the following positions: 4th, 8th, or 13th. Do not use an asterisk in more than one position. These characters are valid: numbers, letters and these special characters: & * , - . # and space

Extended response codes

Take control of the consumer experience by enabling extended response codes, seeExtended response codesfor a full list of Worldpay response codes.

Note: These response codes are specifically for our US and Canada domestic acquiring platform. View the WPGresponse codesfor ROW.

Level 2/3 data

Reduce cost by supplying additional purchase data in order to qualify for preferential interchange rates.Click hereto find out more.

Lodging data

Reduce cost by supplying additional lodging data in order to qualify for preferential interchange rates.Click hereto find out more.

Stored credentials

Warning: This functionality is not yet available for general use. Before integrating, ensure that you've been in contact with your Relationship Manager.

Comply with scheme manadates forstoring (and subsequently using) card payment credentialsfor cardholder and merchant-initiated transactions.

The following items are supported under merchantInitiatedReason for US domestic acquiring:

INSTALMENTA single purchase of goods or services billed to a cardholder in multiple transactions, over a period of time agreed by the cardholder and you
RECURRINGTransactions processed at fixed, regular intervals not to exceed one year between transactions, representing an agreement between a cardholder and you to purchase goods or services provided over a period of time
UNSCHEDULEDA transaction using a stored credential for a fixed or variable amount that does not occur on a scheduled or regularly occurring transaction date. This includes account top-ups triggered by balance thresholds

Additional services

In addition to basic payment processing we offer a range of additional services designed to increase acceptance and reduce cost. For more information, contact your Relationship or Implementation Manager.

Dynamic MCC

You can use the Dynamic MCC to send a different merchant category code per transaction. Add the element <dynamicMCC> to your payment request.

Speak to your Relationship Manager for details.

Prime routing (US only)

Note: Prime routing is only available in the USA.

A fully-managed, data-driven service that routes eligible debit transactions to the appropriate debit network, based on lowest cost.Click hereto find out more.


A fully-managed, data-driven service that optimizes authorization-related factors in real-time to increase approvals.

Managed Account Updater

A fully-managed service that seemlessly updates stored card details maximizing approvals.Click hereto find out more.

Issuer Insights

A powerful tool that provides detailed issuer information and performance allowing you to identify trends and patterns specific to customers, and ultimately boost your approval rates.Click hereto find out more.