iframe/lightbox errors

Common errors you may encounter as part of the iframe or lightbox integration to the Hosted Payment Pages.

When I press the trigger button the iframe displays a blank page instead of the payment pageThe website is hosted in http and not https. You need to change the configuration to use https (add a certificate).
On Internet Explorer, when I press the trigger button, nothing happens and the iframe doesn't get injected. It works fine on all the other browsers.Ensure that the debugging value in your iframe custom options object is set to false.
When I press the trigger button, nothing happens and the iframe doesn't get injected.The iframe library files are not / cannot be downloaded. Open the browser console, go to the network tab and confirm if this is the case. If yes, you need to investigate the issue with your infrastructure / networking team.
The payment pages are displayed inside the iframe, but the resizing doesn't work as expected.There are a few reasons why this might be happening:
- The helper.html file cannot be accessed from your website because the iframeHelperURL property is not set with the right value
- The helper.html file is not accessible and you need to change the permissions / security configuration so that it can be displayed / accessed in the browser
- The iframeIntegrationId is not set with the right value (the JavaScript library object's name). You can confirm this by checking the JavaScript Console for an "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'resize' of undefined" message
The properties are set with the right values but the browser console shows an error in the JavaScript Console "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'resize' of undefined" message.Ensure that the iframe library JavaScript object and the custom options JavaScript object have the global scope that they need. Check the JavaScript code and make sure that these objects are not defined inside another function, but at the top of the page.
The page displayed inside the iframe is an error page with: "Sorry, there was a problem processing your payment. Please close the browser and contact the merchant quoting the following reference number: D150427-T000000-M000-00"This is an integration issue and it means one of the following:
- You are adding a custom parameter to the redirect URL that is not supported by Worldpay. Contact your Relationship Manager or Corporate Support Manager to add the parameter to your custom settings
- The value you are setting for one of the request parameters is not the right one
- You are missing out one of the required parameters
We have a single page application so the result URLs do not actually refresh the page. This means that the lightbox is not getting disposed when the callback is invoked.This can be resolved by adding a single line of code to dynamically trigger an event that acts as though the page was reloaded.
I’m getting an error. What does “X-Frame = DENY message” mean?This is an integration error that appears when the Hosted Payment Pages are being presented within an iframe or lightbox that doesn’t use our embedded integration method correctly. For security reasons, the base URL is checked by Worldpay which means Worldpay’s embedded integration method must be used when presenting the Hosted Payment Pages within an iframe or lightbox. Similarly, you cannot present the embedded Hosted Payment Pages within another iframe or lightbox.