Client Side Encryption errors

The errors which may arise when using Client Side Encryption, and what they mean.

Error handler codes

These are the validation errors which can be encountered when a shopper makes a payment through a web browser, or an Android or iOS App. You should decide on what text to show the shopper if an error arises:

Error CodeDescriptionRelated 'data-worldpay' attribute
101A credit or debit card number is mandatorynumber
102Card number should contain between 12 and 20 numeric charactersnumber
103The card number entered is invalidnumber
201The security code is invalidcvc
301The expiry month is not includedexp-month
302,'Expiry Month' must contain exactly 2 numbersexp-month
303,'Expiry Month' should be between 01 and 12exp-month
304The 'Expiry Year' is not includedexp-year
305,'Expiry Year' must contain exactly 4 numbersexp-year
306,'Expiry Month' and 'Expiry Year' together must be a date in the futureexp-month and exp-year
401,'Card Holder' name is mandatoryname
402,'Card Holder' name cannot exceed thirty (30) charactersname

Note: The Worldpay error handler is designed as a final additional check, and is not intended to replace your own validation.

XML error responses

These are the XML error responses which relate directly to CSE:

Error ResponseDescription
CSE Key is disabledA disabled CSE key has been used to make a payment. You need to update your page to use an enabled key.
An internal CSE service error has occurredEither:
- You are trying to use a key that doesn't exist.
- The decryption failed. This could be if you did not correctly copy your public key, or if the data was altered after encryption.