Toss Pay

Take and make payments in South Korea with Toss Pay.

Toss Payments Merchant ID (MID)

Toss Pay issues you a unique MID and a Key-in API Key for use with your Worldpay account. Provide both of these to Worldpay for use while boarding. If you do not have a Toss Pay MID, talk to your Worldpay Relationship Manager about obtaining one from Toss Pay.

To link your Toss Pay MID to your Worldpay account, contact your Worldpay Relationship Manager or Support team.

Overview of a payment

Toss Pay follows the WorldpayC-Level payment flow.

Submit the authorisation request

  1. The shopper places an order in your online store.

  2. You send the authorisation request with the order and payment information to Worldpay.


You must supply the following:

  • The id attribute of the <session> element.
  • The <birthDate> of the shopper for personal cards or the business registration number <BRN> for corporate cards.
  • The first two digits of the shopper PIN in the <password> element.
  • The <paymentMethod> value must be CARD-SSL.

Authorisation request examples

Authorization Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE paymentService PUBLIC "-//WorldPay//DTD WorldPay PaymentService v1//EN" 
<paymentService version="1.4" merchantCode="YOUR_MERCHANT_CODE">
    <orderStatus orderCode="YOUR_ORDER_CODE">
        <amount value="300" currencyCode="KRW" exponent="0" debitCreditIndicator="credit"/>
        <balance accountType="IN_PROCESS_AUTHORISED">
          <amount value="300" currencyCode="KRW" exponent="0" debitCreditIndicator="credit"/>


Complete refund requests with an Order Modification or in the MAI. If required, the Worldpay Support team can make refund requests for you.

The response to a refund request is immediate and the request is processed by TossPayments. You must haveOrder Notificationsenabled to receive and view the final outcome of the request.


Use Worldpay's secure test environment to confirm your integration.

Note: You must only use the Toss PayMagic valuesto test your configuration.

Magic values

Use these magic values to simulate a response.

<cardholderName>AUTHORISEDWe'll have an authorised payment that will also be captured. A Refund can be made for this payment as well.
REFUSEDWe will get a refused payment.
ERRORA gateway error (internal error specific for WPG).
ACQERRORSimulates the case of an error on the acquirer’s side (this can occur when connecting to PCaaS service and getting an unsuccessful transaction).