SCA Exemption Turn Key - Worldpay Direct XML

SCA Exemption Turn Key automatically applies an exemption request to all qualifying payment requests.


  • You need to be setup for Exemption Turn Key. For the optimal experience we strongly recommend being setup with 3DS Flex too. Contact your Relationship Manager for details.

No technical integration is required to use this service.

Worldpay automatically identifies the payments that are SCA mandated and will attempt to exempt them. Payments that are not exempt will be authenticated.

Note: No exemption information is returned in the XML response. You can use reports to review the payment status.


You can generate reports in the MAI to review exemption payment performance.

This report shows all of the payments processed and their relevant exemption status: Report

You can apply various filters including date, merchant code and exemption status, to easily find specific results: Filters

Contact your Relationship Manager for further details, and to have the SCA Exemption Turn Key enabled.

ThreatMetrix Integration

ThreatMetrix collects and sends device fingerprint data and geo-location data that relates to a customer’s payment. You use JavaScript to send all this data to ThreatMetrix. The Device Session ID (generated by you) accompanies the device fingerprint and geo-location data sent to ThreatMetrix.

Device Session ID example:

The Device Session ID is used in the element <deviceSession> and child element <sessionID>.

The Device Session ID is in the UUID format 8-4-4-4-12:


Submit this within your payment request XML. ThreatMetrix gets the Device Session ID when the data is sent. We get the Device Session ID when the payment request is made. We use this Device Session ID to retrieve the customer device data in subsequent calls from ThreatMetrix.

The data we retrieve is visible in the FraudSight UI. Ask your Worldpay Relationship Manager or Support colleague for access.

Full payment request example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE paymentService PUBLIC "-//WorldPay//DTD WorldPay PaymentService v1//EN" "" >
<paymentService version="1.4" merchantCode="YOUR_MERCHANT_CODE">
       <order orderCode='YOUR_ORDER_CODE'>
           <description>test order</description>
           <amount value="100" currencyCode="EUR" exponent="2"/>
                       <date month="06" year="2020"/>
                           <address2>270-289 The Science Park</address2>
                           <address3>Milton Road</address3>
                           <postalCode>CB4 0WE</postalCode>
               <session shopperIPAddress="" id="ssn194781884"/>
                   <userAgentHeader>Mozilla/5.0 ...</userAgentHeader>
           <!-- Exemption -->
                <exemption type="LV" placement="AUTHORISATION"/>

Contact your Relationship Manager for further details, and to have the SCA Exemption Turn Key enabled.