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Version history.

VersionChange descriptionDate
  • Notifications page to include new acknowledgement method
August 2018
  • Redsys as a 3DS 3rd party MPI provider
  • Tokenisation prompt for both shopper and merchant tokens created through the Hosted integration method
  • Link to the Bulk Token Migration guide in the Tokenisation section

  • MOLPay and Iyzico test values in 3DS 3rd party MPI
July 2018

June 2018
VersionChange descriptionDate
May 2018
April 2018
  • Pay with Google branding to Google Pay
  • Card payouts content, including changes to Batched modifications and Batch orders
  • Financial services - MCC 6012 content
January 2018
  • ISO8583 response codes for Worldpay-acquired transactions
  • Added Card payout functionality in Card payouts, Use tokens, and Test Values.
October 2017
  • MOLPay third party MPI
August 2017
  • Flexible Account Variables information for Direct payment requests
July 2017
  • That you can tokenise SEPA
  • The ability to change the default token life, to create short life tokens, and to override the default token life when you create a token
  • Mobile Wallets integration guidance for Samsung Pay
June 2017
  • Mobile Wallets integration guidance for Apple Pay and Android Pay

  • All Merchant Admin Interface Guide links
May 2017
  • Account verification information for Direct and Hosted integrations
  • Hosted Payment Pages integration guidance (throughout)
  • More information about client certificate authentication to order notifications

  • Statement narrative information in Payment facilitator rules
March 2017
  • Iyzico 3DS 3rd Party MPI content
February 2017
  • The functionality to retrieve shopper tokens in the Tokenisation section
January 2017
  • Tokenisation guide
  • Client Side Encryption guide
  • IATA Optional Services Industry Sub Codes to airline data
December 2016
  • Eci and cavv 3DS values to Authentication, Order notifications and Inquiry requests
  • Recurring payments (Pay As Order) page
August 2016
  • Rules and integration details for payment facilitators
  • Liability shift information for 3DS
July 2016
1.0First release
Created and rewritten from the combination of these guides:
  • XML Direct Integration guide
  • XML Redirect Integration guide
  • Order Modifications and Inquiries guide
  • Order Notifications guide
  • Sandbox guide
  • Payment Status Definitions guide
  • Airline Transactions guide
  • Best Practice guide
Also added
  • Quick start sections and Going live checklists
  • MasterCard and Maestro authorisations information
  • Batched modification details
  • Modification reference attribute (to various modification sections)
  • Merchant Location Disclosure details
June 2016

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