Brazilian domestic acquiring

Users of Worldpay's Brazilian domestic acquiring platform enjoy a range of additional features that may not be available on the standard Latin America integration. Be aware that some of the features may be specific to Direct or Hosted integrations.

You can:

Choose a different first instalment amount

This works for both Direct and Hosted integrations.

If you're allowing your shoppers to pay ininstalments, you can choose a different first instalment amount. This is useful if you want to add a shipping or processing fee. To do this, provide the fee within <firstInstalment> and <amountNoCurrency> in your submission. This fee will be deducted from the total amount, and the remainder will be split into instalments (with the fee added to the first instalment).

For example, if the product costs 150BRL (to be paid in 3 instalments), and you want to add a shipping fee of 25BRL, place this shipping fee inside <first instalment>:

    <amountNoCurrency value='2500'/>

The transaction amount will be:

<amount> value="17500" currencyCode="BRL" exponent="2"

This will generate a payment that has:

  • 1st instalment: 50 BRL+25 BRL(fees) = 75 BRL
  • 2nd instalment: 50 BRL
  • 3rd instalment: 50 BRL

Submit a zero value authorisation

To ensure the validity of a card, you can do zero value authorisations. For more information, seeUsing value for account verification (Direct)orUsing value for account verification (Hosted).