Going live

An essential checklist to help you before sending production payments:

For each merchant code, check:

  • Testing - We strongly advise that all test scenarios given to you by your Implementation Manager (based on your agreed solution) have processed correctly
  • Risk Settings - If you changed any settings for the purpose of testing, change them to your intended go-live position
  • Production environment - Make sure that your account has been activated to process live payments
  • Connection details:
    • XML Password - You'll need to set up a different password for accessing the production environment in the MAI
    • IP Addresses - If you have specific IP Addresses (or ranges of them) contact your Implementation Manager to register these addresses
  • Production URL - Ensure that you're now pointing to our production URL:
  • Live proving - Make sure you've submitted a number of live transactions, to ensure that the expected behaviour is the same as you encountered during testing. We recommend that live proving covers as much of the transaction life cycle (and your business processes) as possible
  • 3D Secure - Where you are using 3D Secure (3DS), make sure that it is triggering in the production environment

    Best practice: If you want to see the 3DS results, turn on ourorder notificationsservice.

  • User accounts - Check that all internal users can still access their accounts. They may be suspended if they were set up in advance and not accessed
  • Payment Page Customisation - Make sure that you've published your desired payment page configurations on all installation IDs (using thePayment Page Designer)
  • Browser and device support - Make sure that you've tested sufficiently on desktops, tablets and smart phones, especially if you have uploaded customised pages
  • Compliance - Make sure each of your merchant codes is fullycompliant
  • Financial services (MCC 6012) merchant - If you're an MCC 6012 merchant, there is some important information you need to knowhere