About Direct

The Direct integration model is the most powerful, giving you maximum control over systems, processes and the shopper experience.

Payment processing features

What you can do with the Direct integration model.

Dynamically trigger 3D Secure

Dynamic 3D Securelets you switch on and off the3D Secure Authenticationservice per transaction.

Encrypt cardholder data

Use ourClient Side Encryptionservice to encrypt the sensitive data so that it never passes through your servers.

Tokenise several payment methods

Use tokensfrom a range of formats and options to transport data more securely, and go truly omni-channel between your eCommerce and Point Of Sale channels. You can also use the tokens in recurring agreements.

Push original credit funds to a card

Use ourcard payoutsto quickly send original credit funds to a shopper’s card – not just take payments from it.

Faster still, our Fast Funds service fires the money to your shoppers within 30 minutes.

Access our full range of payment methods

With the Direct Integration you have them all, globally:

  • Mobile Wallets:Apple Pay,Google PayandSamsung Pay
  • eWallets, such as PayPal
  • Bank transfers, such as iDEAL and SOFORT Banking
  • Direct debits, such as SEPA
  • Post-pay vouchers, such as Boleto Bancario
  • Local payment cards, such as Carte Bancaire

Batch your payments together

If you don't need immediate online feedback on the status of your payments, you can submit large numbers of orders inone batch.

How it flows

An outline of the Direct model, and who does what.

XML Direct Flow

What you doWhat we do
  • Collect details of the items your shopper wants to buy
  • Collect the shopper's payment details, (such as cardholder name and card number) and their chosen payment method
  • Send the payment to Worldpay
  • Process your shopper's payment
  • Carry out changes/modifications to the payment
  • Notify you of payment status changes
  • Respond to your queries about the status of an order

Payment management

Investigate and manipulate your payments.

Set up notifications

Order notificationsautomatically report the status of your orders whenever a payment changes status, covering a large number of payment statuses.

Send inquiries

Inquiry requestslet you find out:

  • The status of an existing order, or of a batch of orders
  • The available refundable balance of a transaction
  • Which payment methods are available in a particular country

Modify orders

Order modificationslet you modify an order you have sent us - for example, to cancel, capture or refund the payment, or add your own back-office code to the order. With ourbatched modificationservice you can also group modifications together in a single message.